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Right from the start I took my pleasure in looking, seeing everything that was real. I welcome your eyes to my online profile: STELLARNYC
I am a photograph freak. I have a vision: of light and line and inner gesture of flesh and form, of contemporary man daring to see and be seen. I walk with this vision. I see the individual design. I came from the outside. I seek to find out why? I am. All men are more than they are ever allowed to be.
For the past twentyfive years I have been photographing, and recording, with love, the other side. My work is a political and anthropological act. I see men here in my NYC society as they live, and die, and live. It is a society of physical, naked men, a whole unacknowledged counter world of men: straight, bi, and gay, usually never seen; rarely seen but in secret.

They take off their clothes. They let themselves be recorded. I see them say, "I am also this... consciously, physically allowing myself to merge with the universal visual history of all men.

Stop, and know I am here.

Look in my eyes. Look at my golden eyes, before I go.
"These are portraits of what has traditionally been hidden, ignored, visually banned about men. It was bad to look directly. It was dangerous. There exists a censor fearing visions of a world beyond the given line.

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